Company History

With many years of experience in the Corporate Information Technology field, Rob Morling decided to venture out into a new computer business, their main objective being to provide a total IT solution for emerging small and medium empowerment companies. Starting from the design of the networking infrastructure, some of the tasks that the company would be able to perform would include :

  • Running of network cables, including termination in patch panels, providing cabinets and fly leads.
  • Supply and Configuration of Routers, Switches and intelligent Hubs.
  • Supply, Installation and configuration of Servers, Mail Servers, Printers, and most other peripherals.
  • Providing and Setting up of the required Applications and Operating systems, and setting up networks, with IP addresses etc.
  • Full maintenance and back up of hardware and software.
  • Supply and installation of PCs and Macintosh Computer desktop computers, as well as the full range of Laptop computers.